Monitor public transport in real time with

ARA Smart Public Transport

ARA as a step towards the Smart City

ARA Smart Public Transport is a unique combination of proprietary hardware, software and firmware tailor-made to deliver multiple technological solutions. Our complete smart package solution provides the necessary tools and allows to monitor, control and enhance operation of transport operators based on Real Time Data and smart reports.

  • GPS module
  • Wi-Fi
  • Speaker Module
  • Passenger counter
  • OBD reader
  • Video output

Benefits for Transport Operators

For authorities ARA Smart Public Transport ensures optimization in fleet management with predictive and preventive maintenance reporting system, thus decreasing operational costs and making public transport journeys more convenient and attractive for passengers. ARA brings technology to enhance performance, access Real Time statistics and optimize operations, monitoring the schedule of transport, location history, trips, number of passengers, charts and summary reports.

  • Real Time statistics
  • Transport schedule monitoring
  • Location history
  • Trip details
  • Number of passengers
  • Charts and summary reports

Benefits for Passengers

Using our platform commuters will be able to create their travel itinerary and enjoy the accessibility, connectivity and availability of public transport.

With Inobi App passengers will experience higher safety and punctuality, clearer and more relevant Real Time information, increased comfort and life quality.

Mobile App
  • Smart Map
    Monitor transport in real time
  • Routes
    See all available routes, plan a trip
  • Alerts
    Get notifications when your bus is approaching your location
  • Favorites
    Select routes you’d likely to use for easy access

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